Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tie my hands

When it comes to famous people, I do not doubt that our humanity is equal in value, even if I am just an illegal imigrant, and they have millions to spare. I still see them as equals.
Regardless of that, I sometimes wish I had lived the life of a rapper. Is that what is needed in the Dream Act student movement? Since Pelosi said that a path to citizenship is not really on the table for us, maybe what we need is an artistic outlet, someone to complain to the general public when we know that whatever the government is giving us will not be enough for what our communities need. Lil Wayne, with help from Robin Thicke, did it for the poor folks in New Orleans, with this song:

If Daddy Yankee had not endorsed McCain, maybe I would feel more at ease with the power of our urban hip-hop voice to demand change, and fight for recognition. Alas, we don't seem to have that yet. This is a tragedy pushed upon us from both sides of the government. Lil' Wayne said it best. He encapsulates his feelings by proclaiming: "Born right here in the USA, but looked by the whole world as a refugee." I could easily change it to "Seen nothing but the USA, but looked by the whole country as a foreign thing. And as a criminal. And as a thief." I could go on.

Note: I found the info on Pelosi's comment on The Sanctuary, a great resource for those who understand migration as a human right.
Also, check out the commentary by DreamActivist, The Unapologetic Mexican, and Citizen Orange.

Lastly, if you want to let Speaker Pelosi that a path to citizenship is vital to immigration reform, give her a call. Her number is (415) 556-4862.
Good night. (and thanks for reading this blog).